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  1. Pssst3
    May 8, 2017 @ 11:59 pm

    “Missing or Damaged Chrome OS
    When you receive this notification, it could mean that your OS is not working properly. . . . if that doesn’t fix it, then you have to recover your Chromebook.” make sure to backup your files on Google Drive before performing a recovery”

    Once you get a message that Chrome OS is missing or damaged, it’s too late to make a backup.

    The time for performing backups of data files of a Chromebook is continuously. OS failures are not predictable events. If this were a WIndows or Apple OS computer with asolid state storage, you’d be screwed.

    One of the key benefits of of Chrome OS and Drive is that YOU DON”T NEED TO MAKE BACKUPS of cloud-stored synced data in Chrome. (It’s not clear if you CAN back up Android apps’ settings on a Chromebook)

    Keep your ‘tunes and “Downloaded as” data files on a removable sd card, (NOT the Downloads folder). Eject the card before performing a recovery. You may lose the last set of edits, but the vast majority of your work will be safe on Drive, backed up by Google.


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