Below you will find Google’s official Chromebook videos. These are a great place to get started to understand the basics. Also check out this page of the Best Chromebook Videos if you want to see video reviews from regular Chromebook users.

Instantly online

Always and immediately online is now possible thanks to the Chromebook 8 second startup time. Traditionally laptops formed an obstacle in the surge of information immediacy. With the Chromebook that is now a problem of the past. Enjoy a smooth browsing experience and access your favorite websites easily on the go. Full support of the latest web standards and Adobe® Flash® make that all websites can be viewed as intended.

Wi-fi and 3G support means always online

Being online always and anywhere is possible because of the build in support of 3G and wifi. At startup your Chromebook checks to see if any known Wi-fi networks are available. If so it immedialty connects through Wi-fi, otherwise it will connect using your 3G network. 3G models include a free 100MB per month of mobile data from Horizon Wireless.

Let cloud computing begin

With Google cloud products such as Docs, Gmail, Picasa or Music Beta and with infamous apps as Dropbox, Evernote or Grooveshark your photos, music, documents and settings are stored safely in the cloud. So when you switch computers or if even when you lose your computer, you will always have access to your most important data. Simply log in to another Chromebook and get right back to where you left of.

The Chrome web store

HTML5 and web apps are the future. Thanks to the awesome capabilities of HTML5 web apps can now do some amazing stuff. Take the the Mugtug projects Darkroom or Sketchpad for example. With app(lication)s like these, who needs desktop software anymore? Google has created the Chrome Web Store where you can find thousands of great apps like these ones. One example of the fantastic kinds of games you can find there to enjoy on your Chromebook is WGT Golf Challenge, go check it out.

Share your Chromebook with Friends

It’s easy to share you Chromebook with others without having to fear them seeing your personal information or documents. An all to real a problem with conventional pc’s and laptops. Not anymore. Just let them log in with their own account and, since it’s all in the cloud, let them enjoy it as if it was theirs. No account? No problem, there’s a Guest Mode that provides a completely private experience. When the guest logs out everything is deleted from the machine. Privacy for your family and friends and privacy for you.


Always up to date

There is no need to constantly go and update your Chromebook OS, like you’re used to with an old school laptop or pc. Google engineers made it so that the operating system updates itself automatically, in the background, right when you turn it on! Because of the web based nature of apps they also stay up to date without you having to worry about it.


Never before this secure

For the first time engineers build an Operating System that has security, your security, worked into it from the ground up. Never before was protecting you the customer against viruses and malware part of the operating system, which meant that you had to spend a lot of money on protection. With the Chromebook you keep that protection money in your pocket. A defense in depth with multiple layers of protection like sandboxing, data encryption and secure boot keeps you save, at no extra cost.

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