Everyone has different requirements and expectations from their computers. However, if you are like me and have been searching for an inexpensive secondary computer that is portable enough for travel, yet powerful enough for work, you may want to consider these ten benefits of a Chromebook and decide if it’s right for you.

1) It’s Quick to Boot-up

We live in a modern age of distractions, shortened attention spans, and a profound shortage of time. Thanks to Google’s Coreboot technology you can press the power button and reach your home screen, fully booted, in less than 10 seconds. This is faster than most other tablets which can take as long as 45 seconds to power-on.

Coreboot is a firmware platform. Google and Linux developed it together to deliver lightning-fast, secure boot on Chromebooks. Because it is an Open Source project, it is continually perfected, improved upon and updated.

The system never becomes bloated with useless and resource consuming programs. So, you can rest assured it will continue to boot-up quickly no matter how long you have owned it and no matter how many apps you activate.

Top 2 benefits of a Chromebook - boot and setup speed

2) Ultrafast Setup

Google has made Chromebook as easy to set up as any smartphone. Setting up a new Chromebook is so much easier than setting up your PC, laptop, or other notebooks. For one thing, Chromebooks don’t need any major updates or time-consuming antivirus software.

To get started, you simply sign in with your Google account. Voila! All your browser content, Google Drive content, and other settings are active. Alternatively, you can create a new account, if you don’t have one already.

Chromebook comes loaded with the basic OS software and light firmware to ensure you have the fastest setup and user experience possible. Most users report that it takes less than five minutes from box to operation.

While it is true that Chromebook is web-based, there are many third-party apps and native Google apps that will increase Chromebook’s offline functionality. After setup, you may want to configure your device with a few of these.

3) Portable and Travel-Friendly

All laptops are portable, but Chromebook takes this to a new level. There are several reasons why Chromebooks are better than laptops when it comes to portability, travel, and day-to-day usage.

First, it’s much easier to drop a Chromebook in your backpack, keeping it with you as you travel or commute. A Mac or a Windows Ultrabook can be double or triple the size, weight and most importantly, cost.

The battery life is also an important point. With a Chromebook, you can feel safe knowing that you have over seven hours of battery life on a single charge. I frequently take my Chromebook with me for both day trips and weekenders because it simply lasts longer.

Lastly, you never have to worry about losing sensitive data. In the event my Chromebook is lost or stolen, I know that my valuable data is safe in the cloud. It’s not on the hard disk where it would be vulnerable and difficult to recover.

4) Not Tech Savvy? No Problem

One of the major benefits of a Chromebook is that it’s ideal for less technical users. Because it uses a simple OS, fewer bad things can happen. And if all else fails, the operating system is easily reset back to factory settings.

The fact that Chromebook is maintenance-free means there is one less thing you need to worry about with your busy life. There is no need to schedule updates or install anything, ever.

Since you manage everything from Google’s cloud, you only need to restart your Chromebook every few weeks to get in-sync with the latest updates.

5) It’s More Secure than a Laptop

Sure, there may be browser glitches from time to time, but you don’t have to worry about those annoyances signaling a greater problem. Chromebook is one of the most secure devices available. Because the Chromium OS is automatically updated with the latest security patches, it is almost impenetrable to viruses and many types of malware.

Of course, cybercriminals are persistent and develop their own cutting-edge technology daily. You can rest assured, however, that Chromium is designed with your security in mind. If the system detects changes to the core of the system, it immediately recovers the system.

#6 Benefit of a Chromebook - privacy

6) It Has the Safest Private Browsing

Chromebook offers several features that make browsing more secure and more private. You can browse in “incognito” mode which prevents plugins or website apps from running. It also prevents your browsing history being saved and viewed later.

You can also use “guest mode.” In this case, everything from your browsing session is deleted when you log out. Anything downloaded or changed is wiped out, too, even malicious extensions. That’s perfect for browsing untrusted sites.

7) Many Inexpensive Options

We expect the best technology to come with a hefty price tag. Thanks to Chromebook, you won’t be paying a fortune. Many Chromebooks are priced around $200, making them affordable for most any budget.

Windows and Mac can’t compete on a spec comparison that is based on the ratio of “performance to price.” A lower-end Windows laptop can’t give you the same smooth performance and user experience as Chromebook will and no Mac or Apple product can compete on price.

8) Free Apps from Chrome and Google Play

Another one of the benefits of a Chromebook that I like is that they’re created and optimized for Google’s apps, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Recently, Google has made its Play Store inventory available to Chromebook users.

There is also the Chrome Web Store – a marketplace especially for Chromebook users. With these two app markets, you will be able to find most of your favorite apps for free. If you worry about losing access to Photoshop or MS Office, you will be happy to learn that there are cloud-based platforms available for these programs and many others.

9) It’s Kid Friendly

Chromebook benefit #9 - kid friendlyFor those with children asking, “should I buy a Chromebook?” The answer is yes. It is a great choice. Chromebook, because of its ease of use, portability, cost, and security is excellent for kids. Chromebooks offer parental controls for safe and secure usage, and many models are available that withstand harsh usage and being dropped.

10) Comes with Cloud Storage

If you’re still wondering “why buy a Chromebook?” we also love the cloud environment. Chromebooks are cloud-based machines – they primarily use cloud servers to do their computing and data storage. Google manages these sophisticated computers, configuring them to do specific tasks as well as safely manage and store all your valuable data.

You can store your files in Google Drive, instead of on the computer. That way, your files go with you no matter which computer (or mobile device) you’re using at the moment.

Google Cloud Platform boasts a 99.95 uptime percentage, too. This means that your data, apps, and content is available whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Chromebooks are so seamlessly integrated into the Google ecosystem; you will never know how hard it is working on your behalf. However, you’re not limited only to Google’s offerings. You are free to use the cloud-based service of your choice.