There are ten Chromebook sources that are must-reads if you’re even a little bit interested in the Chromebook and cloud computing. These sources range from news and commentary to the best tools and how-tos.

These top bloggers and influencers have been dedicated Chrome fans for a long time. Way before Chromebooks were getting a lot of media attention.Their contributions help form and shape the Chromebook community. Here they are:

Joe Sneddon

WebsiteGoogle Plus, Twitter

Top Chrome OS blog

Joe Sneddon is the author of both OMG! Chrome and OMG! Ubuntu. You can count on OMG! Chrome to let you know about news and updates that affect you as a Chrome OS user. You can also find out about interesting and useful extensions.

Chrome Story

WebsiteGoogle Plus, Twitter
Top Chromebook SourcesChrome Story is one of the longest-lived Chrome OS blogs. Dinsan Francis started this blog, and now it has several contributors, including James Welbes and Brent Sullivan. You can expect news, reviews, features, help articles, tutorials and much more.

James Welbes

WebsiteGoogle Plus

chromebookguideJames Welbes is a busy guy. Not only does he maintain Chromebook.Guide and He also writes for Chrome Story and is very active in the Chromebook online communities. He’s a moderator of Chromebooks on G+ and a key contributor to the Chromebook Central Help Forum. The guide to printing from Chromebook is where I send people who are having trouble getting set up.

Kevin Wendland

WebsiteGoogle Plus, Twitter
chromebookchallengeThis blog started with a Chromebook Challenge in the first half of 2015. Since then, Kevin Wendland has become a leading voice in education technology and an advocate for Chromebook-based solutions. The articles on Chromebook Challenge provide information to help others Making the SwitchYou can also follow Kevin’s Twitter account for daily news.


YouTube, Twitter
9to5GoogleSeth Weintraub and other contributors over at 9to5Google covers all things Google. They have a dedicated category for Chrome OS that gets a news article about once a week. The news is weighted toward Chrome OS and not the hardware. You are more likely to see news stories about changes to the OS than about new Chromebook models.

Chrome Unboxed

WebsiteGoogle Plus, Twitter
Chrome Unboxed is operated by Robby Payne, with Gabriel Brangers contributing. This blog is updated every few days. The articles are hardware focused, so go here to learn about the latest Chrome device models. I found Chrome Unboxed through its YouTube channel that has unboxings, Chromebook video reviews and how-to’s.

Google Chromium Open Source Project

 WebsiteGoogle PlusTwitter
chromiumblogThe official blog of the Google Chromium open source project is the place for developers to get their Chrome OS news. It provides in-depth, technical information about new releases. It’s updated maybe once a month, so it’s a good candidate to subscribe to the RSS feed. You can get more frequent information from the Twitter account.

Android Central

androidcentralAndroid Central has a deep bench of writers to crank out lots of current events and “best of” articles. Friends often send me news from their Chrome OS category page.

Jeff Nelson


jeffnelsonThe inventor of Chromebook has stayed involved with the technology after leaving Google. I follow Jeff’s Twitter account to see what he’s thinking.

Chromebook Communities on G+

Two G+ Chromebook Communities stand out as the places to be.

Chromebooks on Google+
ChromebooksgroupThis community was founded by Dinsan Francis and is currently lead by Brent Sullivan, James Welbes, Ken Yeh, and Chris Cox. Join this community, and you’ll see people sharing their experiences, posting interesting announcements, and current deals on Chrome devices.


Chromebook EDU on Google+

ChromebookEDUEducators using Google technologies connect in this community to share announcements and what’s working or not working. It’s a nice community where members give and receive help.

What are your favorite Chrome OS sources? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.