With the ever-increasing use of technology, our students need to be able to integrate this into their daily lives at school. More and more schools are starting to implement the use of Chromebooks in their curriculum.

But what if your school isn’t one of those?

How do you pitch the benefits of using Chromebooks in the classroom?

  1. Chromebooks are affordable. When needing to provide technology to a large group of students, affordability is a huge factor. Chromebooks can be purchased starting at $149, which makes it a great option. One of the reasons for their low cost is the use of Google Apps, which allows users to store information on the cloud instead of the actual device itself.
  2. Chromebooks help the student prepare for the real world. With the increasing use of technology in everyday life, students need to know how to work a computer and the use of the cloud in order to be competitive. Gaining this experience while in school will help these students have a leg up on others.
  3. Chromebooks keep students more engaged. While some feared that integrating technology into the classroom would distract students, it has done the opposite. Students stay more engaged and can even work together “virtually” while in different locations.
  4. Chromebooks are environment-friendly. By using Chromebooks instead of printouts and the traditional book, we are using less paper and printer ink. That is a huge benefit! We are helping our kids improve the environment for the future.
  5. Long battery life. Chromebooks have enough battery life to last an entire day at school without needing to be charged. Can you imagine all the docking stations needed if that weren’t the case?

Chromebooks in the classroom will soon one day become the norm. Help your school get on this technology train by using some of these pointers when you pitch to your school.