Have you just bought a Chromebook and now you’re using it for school work and activities? Certainly, you are looking for Chromebook cases to shield your laptop from any scratch, dirt, or from being broken. Well, here’s a good news! There’s a wide range of cases available in the market today. They come in different colors, styles, designs, and materials. Surely, there will be one case that will meet your preference, taste, and style.

The Best Chromebook Cases to Choose

1. amCase Chromebook

If you prefer modern design, then, this is the perfect case for you! The foam offers protection from the top of your laptop, to the bottom. Here’s what makes the case worthier to bring–it features easy handles, making the laptop so easy to carry along wherever you go.

2. iPearl mCover Hard Shell Cover

If you are a student who has more than just the laptop and the charger, this one is for you. It has two spacious pockets that can safely keep your accessories like headphones, laptop charger, mouse, tablet, smartphone, mouse pad, and more. This hard-shell Chromebook cover guarantees protection for your laptop regardless of the weather. It is made of waterproof material so the case can definitely shield your computer from any water splash or even on heavy downpour.

3. Case Logic Case

This is one of the most favorite Chromebook cases in the market today. If your Chromebook is netbook-sized or a mini laptop with an 11.6-inch display, this is definitely the one to you should choose. This features a thick and quilted padding that can keep your computer shielded. It also has padded handles so you can easily and more conveniently transport your Chromebook device from one place to another.

4. rooCase for Chromebook

This is made for smaller devices with up to 13.3 inches for display models. They appear to be a bit more stylish than the typical Chromebook cases you’ll find in the market. Therefore, if you want more style for your laptop, this is the best pick for you. The foam interior of this case doubles the protection of your case. You can even be surer of your Chromebook’s safety with the neoprene material of this case that’s weather resistant.

5. DataKeeper

Here’s something female students will surely love! This is one of the slimmest cases you can find for your Chromebook. It is designed to let the user work with the case on minus all the inconvenience and uncomfortable feeling. Since the laptop never leaves your case, your device is guaranteed protected any time, wherever you are. There’s a shoulder strap you may (or may not) use for easy carrying around your school

6. Flak Jacket

This case is designed ideally and most perfectly for school use! It is lightweight so it does not add any inconvenience as you carry your laptop along with your other school things. The outside pockets of this case are so perfect to store your other school essentials like pens and notepads on top of your tech gadget accessories such as chargers, earphones and power bank.

7. Caseable – the DIY Case

Isn’t it exciting to know that you can design your own case? If you want that level of excitement, this then is the best pick for you. This is perfect for your kids’ Chromebook laptop. The case entices them to bring out the young artists in them. This case is certainly worth spending for especially that the students can have the printed text, color, styles, images, and all things that can complete the case design, customized.

These just seven of the many cases you can get for your or your child’s Chromebook to keep it shielded from any danger when in school, or when in use for a project and assignments. Whatever your choice, it surely is to protect your device anytime, wherever you go.