It looks like a bunch of school districts are getting dedicated Chromebooks this year for students to take home. Are you one of the lucky families this year? If so, you will probably want a few accessories to make the Chromebook more comfortable for your child.

This article contains affiliate links. That means if you buy one of the items I may receive a small commission. Please understand that I try to find the best fit for the need with products made by great companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful.

1. Headphones

You probably don’t want to listen to all your kids’ videos, so headphones are going to be a big convenience. Keep in mind though that hearing damage can happen when the volume level is sustained over 80db. These headphones limit the maximum volume to a safer level for kids, who aren’t as aware of the risk. Both of these respected brands keep it fun with chunky designs in a variety of bright colors.

Onanoff brand has an absolute limit of 85dB and comes in foldable and non-foldable versions.

Kidz Gear is more flexible with a removable filter that limits the max volume by 20dB. That’s better for noisier envirnoments. The tradeoff is that you don’t get the guaranteed safe maximum volume.

2. Mouse

A reliable wireless mouse makes it easier to navigate for longer periods of time. Plus, there’s no cord to get tangled. This mouse uses a USB receiver for a fast and reliable connection. The tiny USB receiver sits almost flat against the Chromebook, so there’s less chance of breaking it.

At only 3 7/8″ long, it’s a good size for kids’ hands.

3. USB hub

Most Chromebooks have only two USB ports, which is usually enough. But if you want to use a mouse, and then you want to use an external drive to store extra work, you’ll be out of ports when you want to add another accessory. This super-popular hub is also super-low-priced.

4. Silicone Keyboard Protector

It’s pretty easy to knock over a glass of juice onto laptop. Get yourself a cheap insurance policy – a keyboard protector. Here is one for the Acer Chromebook 11, and Amazon has ones from Samsung and HP, too.

5. Wireless Printer

When it’s time to print off homework, will the Chromebook be able to print to your home printer? Only if it’s wireless and cloud print ready. This Epson is all that, and it’s got a scanner/copier, too.

Have fun with those new Chromebooks, and stop by Chromebook HQ to share how you’re liking it and what challenges you’re having.