When I want the real scoop on a technology, I go straight to video reviews. Videos give you a 360 view of the product and are fun to watch. There are dozens upon dozens of videos explaining what a Chromebook is (and isn’t) and who they are best for. I’ve sifted through hours of Chromebook videos, and these were clear winners when it came to explaining the limitations and benefits of ChromeOS devices.

First, we have some mostly positive reviews that get into the details of the different types of devices and the capabilities. Next, we have some reviews aimed at explaining the difference between Chromebooks and other laptops. Finally, there are some education-focused videos – one from an educator perspective and the other from a college student.

Positive Chromebook Videos

These three videos were the best that had an almost purely positive perspective on Chromebook ownership. These are the videos I would show to someone if they are trying to decide whether they should buy a Chromebook as a secondary laptop.

Chrome devices | Chromebit, Chromebook | The Apps Show from Google shows and explains the different types of chrome devices. The focus in this video is on workplace usage of Chrome devices.

Should I Buy a Chromebook? by Chromebooks Support sums up the Chromebook choices and list all the benefits of ownership.  Chromebooks Support has several videos in his YouTube channel to introduce you to Chromebooks and decide if they will work for you.

Top 10: Reasons to Buy a Chromebook! by TechRightReviews gives a comprehensive overview to help you understand the advantages of a Chromebook over a laptop and how you can do most everything you need. It also mentions the Chromebox. Despite the distracting trance soundtrack, this is probably my favorite video of the bunch.

 TechRightReviews made a continuation from the previous video, focusing on ChromeOS software.

Balanced Reviews

These were the best two videos that showed both pros and cons of a Chromebook versus a laptop. These are the videos I would share with someone who is having trouble deciding if Chromebook is right for them as a main computer.

Chromebooks Explained in Simple Terms – Is a Chromebook for you? – Chromebooks 101 by Lon Seidman compares Chromebook to a low-end Windows laptop. The reviewer is clear that there are limitations and includes ChromeOS walkthrough. This video is helpful because it explains working offline, and it demonstrates how ChromeOS handles photos and videos.

What Is a Chromebook Why Should I Buy One? by Reviewed.com answers common questions about Chromebook in a Q&A format. It’s not highly detailed, but it outlines the differences between Chromebook and other laptops for those new to the concept.

Education Focused Videos

Google Chromebook Review: A Student’s Perspective by John Horn compares his Samsung Series 3 against his Macbook in terms of his usage of the laptops as a college student. The reviewer talks about limitations and offers workarounds. He concludes that the laptop you use all the time is the one that you can carry with you everywhere.

iPad vs Chromebook | EdTech Tuesday from Lesson Planet is a friendly debate that covers the pros and cons of using an iPad or a Chromebook in the classroom. This Chromebook video was one of my favorites because of the fun interchange between the debaters.


These Chromebook videos are pretty different from the tone of Google’s introductory videos. From watching these videos you get a clear sense Chromebook’s capabilities without the varnish. I hope this has saved you some time sifting through the many Chromebook videos of varying quality that are available on YouTube. Have fun Chroming and until next time!