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February 7, 2019

Android Apps for Chromebook

Android Apps for Chromebook has made Chrome OS devices much more valuable as a Windows or MacOS alternative. There's a good chance your Chromebook or the Chrome OS device you…
How to Delete Apps on ChromebookAppsChromebookHow-To
October 6, 2018

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

Chromebook users, like most of us in the digital age, can become too “app happy” at times! Like when you get the latest Android device, it is tempting, especially with…
Android Apps on ChromebooksAppsChromebook
October 4, 2018

Android Apps on Chromebooks – The Best Choices

Do you know what makes a Chromebook laptop extra special and unique? You can install the applications you enjoy on your mobile phone, specifically the Android phone, here! Yes! There…
September 21, 2017

Which is the best coding text editor for ChromeOS? Caret vs. Zed

If you’re going to code on your Chromebook, you need a web-based text editor designed for programmers with features such as syntax highlighting, tabs or split-view and advanced search functionality.…
June 28, 2017

The 5 Best TV and Movie Streaming Video Options for Your Chromebook in 2017

Here’s a list of the five very best TV and movie streaming options that are currently Chromebook-compatible.
Chromebook for streaming musicApps
May 8, 2017

Top 9 Internet Music Options for Chromebooks in 2017

Enjoying music is easier now than ever before. Yet such ease has also allowed the pursuit of this enjoyment to morph into a convoluted sea of choices. Indeed, there are…
June 6, 2015

Transform Your Chromebook Into a Developer Supercomputer With Codenvy

This is a guest post by Jesse Williams, an all round stellar guy and the marketing director at Codenvy. I wrote about Codenvy a long time ago in my article…
April 27, 2012

Google Drive included in Chrome OS

With the much anticipated and successful launch of Google Drive,  Google’s cloud-storage service,  we as a Chromebook community have gained an important third option for file storage. Full disclosure: I am…
AppsMaking the Switch
April 18, 2012

Five Best Online IDE’s – Making the switch to a Chromebook

Having the option to program online is not just essential in my 'Making the switch to a Chromebook' series of articles I’m writing simulating the Chromebook experience in a Chrome…
AppsMaking the SwitchReviews
April 17, 2012

Three Best Online Image Editors – Making the switch to a Chromebook

A couple of years ago I could only find three online image editors that I deemed good enough to review for use on my Chromebook. Today, one of three no…
AppsMaking the Switch
April 17, 2012

Productivity Tools – Making the Switch to a Chromebook

In my attempt to simulate a Chromebook experience by doing everything in the Chrome browser I've learned a lot already. I've found amazing ways to enjoy music anywhere and everywhere…
AppsMaking the Switch
April 17, 2012

TV and Documentaries in the Cloud – Making the Switch to a Chromebook

Since I started writing the Making the switch to a Chromebook series, only two articles ago, I rolled from one amazing moment into the next. It's really great to get…