Here is a great video review of the Chromebook series 5 550 and Chromebox by The Verge. There’s not much to be added to their thorough review. Only one bit to subtract and that’s the ‘I can do the same and more when I buy a cheap windows machine running the Chrome browser’ remark at the end. Just ignore it, it’s besides the point if you ask me. wrote a nice review and came up with this verdict: The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 offers an improved cloud-computing experience inside a slick and comfortable design, but it’s too pricey given its limited functionality.

Basically I can sum up all the reviews out there by saying that everyone agrees that the Chromebook series 5 550 is a definite improvement over the earlier model. It’s generally judged as a good looking machine that works flawlessly. Also Chrome OS comes of good by showing to be a much matured operating system. Negative points are the price versus functionality, mostly it not being a Windows machine which means you can’t run Windows programs on it. Where they go wrong in my view is that there are apps online for about every daily use case you can come up with. You just need to look for ‘m.