The Latest Chromebook News For 2018

We are keeping you up to date on the latest Chromebook news for 2018 to make sure you don’t miss a thing and get access to the latest innovations. These are 2018’s hottest news stories about the Chromebook including exciting developments expected.

Google Assistant Is Coming To All Chromebooks

Google Assistant, the company’s answer to Siri and Alexa, has so far been exclusive to their own high-end Pixelbook. However, eagle-eyed code experts have recently noticed an interesting development.

Developers reviewing the newest iteration of the ChromeOS build spotted an option for any manufacturer to enable Google Assistant. It is set to ‘off’ by default, but in the future, it will be up to manufacturers to decide how Google Assistant will integrate with their machines and the method of activation. This is likely to be either a keyboard shortcut, dedicated button, or by the Chromebook listening for specific keywords.

It’s certainly encouraging that the technology premiered on Google’s flagship Pixelbook is set to make its way to the entire Chromebook family. With the popularity of competitive assistant services continuing to grow, it’s an exciting decision from Google.

Source: Engadget

Dell’s $300 Chromebook Packed With High-End Features

Chromebooks in the $300 bracket are usually great for everyday tasks but lack the premium attributes found in more expensive machines. Dell is set to shake things up, with a feature-packed Chromebook coming in under $300.

Amongst the features expected in the new 5000-series Chromebooks are:

  • Touchscreens
  • Full conversion from laptop to tablet
  • Stylus support
  • A Micro SD slot
  • USB-C charging and data transfer
  • And a USB-A port.

Instead of dual-core processors that are common in less expensive Chromebooks, Dell has opted for quad-core Intel Celeron processors; providing lightning-fast speed usually reserved for upper-tier machines.

One of the most innovative features of the 5000-series Chromebooks is its chassis. Dell has designed a reinforced casing that can withstand a drop of up to 48 inches, or 30 inches onto steel. It’s a quality we didn’t know we needed, but it’s certainly useful. Even the most accident-prone Chromebook users will be confident in the safety of their machine!

Source: BGR

Microsoft Office Apps for Android Now Available on Chromebook

Has loyalty to Microsoft Office put you off buying a Chromebook? You’re not alone! A lack of compatibility with the popular suite has been a stumbling block for many since the Chromebook’s introduction.

However, the tides have turned, and some Chromebooks will now have the ability to utilize Microsoft Office apps for Android. Newer machines have the ability to download and run Android apps from Google Play store, which opens up the Chromebook to a wealth of new opportunities. Office apps can be used for free with a Microsoft account (which is also free), although people using a machine with a screen larger than 10 inches will need to purchase an Office 365 subscription.

If you are using an older Chromebook without the capability to run apps from the Google Play store, there’s still a way to access, edit, and create new Office documents. Simply head over to the browser-based Office Online for scaled-back yet useful functionality.

Source: NY Times

HP Releasing Two New Chromebook Models to release two new Chromebook models

There hasn’t been a great deal of Chromebook news from HP recently, but the wait is finally over! The company has just announced two new models for the education market; the Chromebook 11 G6 EE and Chromebook 14 G5, coming in at 11.6” and 14” respectively.

The 11 G6 EE is aimed at younger users, with its fun orange accents and rugged, reinforced chassis. Older students and educators are the focus of the 14 G5, which has an elegant grey color scheme and backlit keyboard. Both models boast Intel Celeron Apollo Lake processors with Intel HD Graphics 500, optional touchscreens, 180˚ fold-flat hinges, up to 8GB RAM, and eMMC storage up to 64GB.

Source: Engaged

Are Split Screen Android Apps Coming To Chromebook?

While this hasn’t been officially announced, users playing around with the Canary version of ChromeOS have been able to successfully demonstrate the Android split screen feature using the Dev Channel for version 64 in a feature called “Split View in Tablet Mode”. Although it’s unlikely to be an official feature until ChromeOS 65 or even 66, it’s encouraging to see an innovative Android capability becoming native to the Chromebook.

Source: Digital Trends

It’s an exciting time for Chromebooks innovation and the latest news show some of the integrations and new options we can expect to see in the near future! Now, where are our hoverboards?!?