How much will a Chromebook cost?

By April 15, 2012 Chromebook, Reviews

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So how much does a Chromebook cost to buy and own? With all the information out there on how little it costs for businesses and schools to own Chromebooks, the private owner seems to be overlooked a little. Especially when it comes to how much it costs to use a Chromebook. It is, after all, only really fun when you’re always connected.

There are two ways for your Chromebook to stay connected: you either latch on to the nearest free Wi-Fi network or you go 3G. The latter having a price tag you should keep track of. Both Acer and Samsung do however have  a Wi-Fi only model which keeps your usage cost at $0,- dollar. If you don’t go and make use of paid Wi-Fi excess in, say, hotels that is.

Not having 3G does leave you out in the cold at those moments when you’re not able to use Wi-Fi though. So spending an extra $70,- bucks to get the 3G Model doesn’t sound to bad when you come think of it. The beauty is that Chromebooks with built-in 3G will include up to 100MB per month of free Mobile Broadband service, provided by Verizon Wireless.

United States Data Plans (source)



100MB of data per monthFree
Limitless day pass$9.99 per day
Additional 1 GB of data$20 per month
Additional 3 GB of data$35 per month
Additional 5 GB of data$50 per month


Which plan to choose depends on how much data you’ll actually use when in between Wi-Fi. But when you put yourself on a smart low bit diet for those moments, you’ll be fine for just $20,- a month. To see how much it costs to buy a Chromebook check out our ‘Get your Chromebook now!‘ page