How to put iTunes on Chromebook?

By October 22, 2018Chromebook, How-To
iTunes on Chromebook

New Chromebook device users have something to look forward to. Aside from entertaining and relaxing games and helpful applications for everyday productivity, one can now enjoy iTunes on Chromebook. If you’re new to Chromebook you may not know yet that you can actually play music on your new electronic device via iTunes. And probably too, you don’t know how to have the application on your laptop.

If you once owned an Apple device, say, an iPhone, iPad tablet or a Mac computer, surely, you’d want to transfer all or at least, your favorite music files to your Chromebook laptops. But transferring may not be as easy as you’ve always thought especially that Chromebook. After all, there is no available iTunes plugin for Chrome OS. Don’t despair because you can use iTunes for Chromebook. It may no longer be new to you that as long as you have a Google account, you can already access and listen to your iTunes playlist on any device or gadget. What you may not know for now is that this includes your Chromebook.

Install iTunes to Chromebook through Chrome OS

1. On your Chromebook, install the Google Play Music by opening the browser, Google Chrome.

2. Have the Google Play Music activated on your Chromebook laptop by launching it in a new tab? Follow the steps to completely activate the app.

3. Copy all the songs from your iTunes to Google Play. The simplest way for this is through the use of the app, Google Play Music.

4. Access your iTunes music on your Chromebook – By this time, your music from iTunes is already uploaded and saved to your new account on Google Play Music. Your Chromebook may have already been all set up, as well, for easy access. Therefore, you’re ready to listen to your music.

5. Go back to your Chromebook laptop, then, navigate the web interface, Google Play Music using your browser. Click the button, ‘Music library’ and choose the songs found in the Google Play Music.

Owning a Chromebook is no longer complicated especially, now you know that you can install iTunes to Chromebook. Everything you need to do is detailed as you go through the process. What we gave are just the basic steps to lead you through the what-to-dos.