Incremental games are my favorite browser games. They are entertaining, low commitment and you can have the game running while you are doing other things. Best of all they work great on Chromebooks.

You might be asking, what the heck are incremental games, and why are they good to play on a Chromebook? Or you might even be saying, I thought you couldn’t play games on a Chromebook.

Chromebooks can be used to play browser games. Also known as web, online or HTML5 games. This kind of game can be played in basically any browser, and that’s exactly what Chrome OS has.

Incremental games (aka, idle games) are browser-based games where you accumulate things, like objects or currency. They’re called incremental because you watch the numbers get bigger. They’re fun because as you play, you discover how the game works and how to accumulate things faster with less work. Some of them even involve advanced math.

Idle Games I’m Playing This Week

#1: SpacePlan

This is one of the newer incremental games on the scene. It has simple, yet well designed graphics and great audio effects. 

It has an interesting and immersive sci-fi story with an actual ending, and it has potatoes in space. You can finish this one relatively quickly compared to other incremental games.

new incremental game

#2: Cookie Clicker

This is one of the original and most popular clicker games. The concept is pretty simple – click to make cookies, lots of cookies. Funny, creepy grandmas help you along the way.

I’ve had this game running for several months now, and it’s still fun to check in on it now and then.

Clicker idle game

#3: Clicker Heroes

This RPG-themed idle game has lots of heroes, boss levels, and cool monsters with great effects when you hit and kill them. This one is my favorite of the lot for its graphics style.

Clicker game

#4: Kittens Game

You start off gathering catnip and gradually add different resources that help you level up. There’s lots to discover in this game, tons of resources and a well designed skill tree. It’s a good text-based incremental game that starts off easy and gets very complex over time.

incremental game

#5: Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is interesting because the game plays differently depending on choices you make as you go which lends itself to being replayed again and again. Lots of strategy and calculations are needed to succeed in this game.

incremental idle game

What do you think of incremental games? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments.