The lap desk is by no means a modern day invention. They have been around for a very long time. Founding father Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration on one, or parts of it at least. That particular lap desk is now kept at the Smithsonian, in case you’re interested at taking a look at it yourself. Lap desks can also be referred to as a writing box, portable desk, or lap rest.

Lap desks have come a long way since then and are available in many different models. You have basic styles that are a plastic top with a cushioned underside, and they come in larger and smaller models. Then you have classic wooden ones. There are also high-tech ones that are like having your whole office with you.

How to Choose a Lapdesk for Chromebook

The first thing to consider when choosing a lapdesk is whether you want one that sits with a pad directly on your lap with padding or stands up on legs for a little more height. If you plan to sit on different surfaces, the cushion type is best. If you have a firm sofa or bed, the standing kind will work great.

The other thing to consider is whether you want storage inside the lapdesk. Will your laptop desk be your main desk when you’re at home? You can get a lap desk that has capacity for paper notebooks, cords, and your USB mouse.

One thing you shouldn’t really need in a Chromebook lapdesk is a fan. Chromebooks generally just don’t overheat, so you can skip that feature.

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Best Chromebook Lapdesks

I love the look of this all-purpose yet simple lapdesk. It looks the most like the one I have. It has a large surface but is lightweight.

Now, if you want a little more height to your pillow lapdesk, and you could use some storage, this one is perfect. It has a slide open divided compartment, which is handy if you don’t want things sliding all around when you move the laptop desk. It comes in black, too, but the zebra pattern is quite fetching.

For the traditionalist or the interior design stickler, there are wood options. You can be a couch surfing executive with this wood lap desk. The angle is adjustable, independent of an area for the mouse, and it even has a little drawer for easy access while the desk is in use.

If you want the wood look but need a pillow style instead of one with legs, check out this schoolhouse style lap desk.

The ultimate lap desk, if you want to take your office with you, is this one. The leg height is adjustable, as is the surface angle. It has storage and a mouse area. But this one’s just getting started. It has has a lamp and USB hub, too.




Updated February 2017