If you’re holding out for the Pixelbook Go variant with bigger RAM capacity, you may not have to hold out much longer. While the online Google Store hasn’t announced an official release date, Best Buy has it live on its site for a release date of December 7, 2019. Although you still cannot order it yet, you can ask to be notified as soon as it is released.

pixelbook goWhat is a Pixelbook Go Variant?

The Pixelbook Go will have 16GB RAM and an 8th-generation Intel Core i7. It is set to sell for $1399. Even though this is the most powerful configuration we’ve seen for Chromebook, its maximum SSD storage capacity is only at 256GB. 

I don’t want to wait!

If you just cannot wait another day and need a Chromebook like yesterday, you can get the Pixelbook Go 16GB RAM variant Core i5 starting at $999, or one for 8FB RAM with core m3 and i5 starting at $649. All versions fo the Chromebook comes with a 13.3-inch display that supports either Full HD or 4K resolution.

Pixelbook Go Standout Features

One of the biggest standout features of the Pixelbook Go is the amazing battery life it offers. One test performed by Gizmodo said the battery life lasted about 13.5 hours, far exceeding any battery offered by other laptops. 

If you’re looking for something light to carry, then the Pixelbook Go is for you! At only 2.3 pounds, and 0.5 inches thick, this one won’t weigh you down like others!

The keyboard is also a standout feature as it’s not very noisy and feels good while typing.

Not only is it offered in standard black, but they also have a “not pink” to choose from. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight, sturdy laptop with a very long battery life, then the new Pixelbook Go is for you!