While Chromebooks can be used efficiently and effectively everywhere from corporate to academic settings, let’s face it: we use them just as often for entertainment purposes, too! In this digital age, more and more people are looking at their Android apps for their Android device to enjoy movies and shows versus a traditional television. And Chromebook users are no exception when it comes to this growing trend.

A popular app for streaming movies and television shows, Showbox was designed originally to be used on Android devices only. Eventually, this gave way to versions created for Apple, Windows, and Smart TVs, and fortunately, now it can be used on Chromebooks as well!

Among the reasons for Showbox’s massive popularity among users are its smooth user interface and intuitive navigation. There is no login account required for users and even better there are no distracting and annoying advertisements! Showbox users can filter all of the app’s movies by genre, type, rating, and/or year. Plus, Showbox users also have the convenient option to download the movies and then watch them later.

Chromebook users can install the Showbox app via Google and there are only a few easy steps required to install the app. Once you get through these steps, a world of fantastic entertainment awaits you!

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is install an Android Emulator on your Chromebook, which is an app that converts the Windows platform into an Android platform. Two popular choices for emulators are ARC Welder and Bluestacks. Once you choose an emulator, the installation process will take just a few minutes to complete. Once this happens, in the top right corner of your screen you will see a message indicating “Add to Chrome,” and you click this to complete the installation.
Step 2: Now you will go to your apps on your Chromebook and open the emulator you have chosen (it will have an icon in your apps list) and you will be prompted to “add your APK.” This is where you will add Showbox.
Step 3: The next phase involves installing the Showbox app. Once the download of the app is complete on your Chromebook, you will select the Showbox APK from the downloads list.
Step 4: Finally, you will update the settings menu for Showbox according to your individual preferences and then you will select the “open” button to launch Showbox on your Chromebook. And now you can enjoy streaming entertainment options on your Chromebook!

By the way, if you wondered what an APK file is….
Some longtime television fans might think of one specific character when “APK” is mentioned (Michael J. Fox’s iconic role as “Alex P. Keaton” in the 1980’s classic Family Ties.) But APK in the digital world refers to an app created for Android. The emulator app is what allows you to use these files on a Chromebook.

Now that you know how to install Showbox, we will also explore some other apps that might tickle your entertainment fancy!


So how do 20,000 free movies sound? For anyone who uses a Chromebook as an entertainment device, this probably sounds like fantastic news! StreamDor boasts the web’s largest catalog of free movies. The catalog of movies is updated every day and there are no fees and no ads.


Well, duh! More than 100 million subscribers worldwide have made Netflix one of the most popular choices for streaming entertainment so it is no doubt one of the favorite apps for Chromebook users. You can download the Netflix app from the Google Play store.

Stream Series

This app available in the chrome web store allows users to watch TV series online for free, making it another popular choice to add to your Chromebook.


HBO Now is a popular paid app for Chromebook users and its content differs from Netflix, which is why many users subscribe to both. In order to avoid technical glitches while using HBO Now, you want to ensure your Chrome OS is always up to date.

And a Note of Caution…or Disappointment

Some Chromebook users have reported difficulties using Amazon Video on a Chromebook, which may be frustrating to many, especially as Amazon’s entertainment programming choices continue to grow in popularity. Hulu is another wildly popular streaming option that does not support the Chrome operating system.
It is likely this will change in time and you may discover workarounds to get these apps up and running on your Chromebooks.

Music Options for Chromebook

In addition to the options we have outlined for streaming movies and television programs on Chromebooks, there are a number of great options for streaming music on Chromebooks.

Google Play Music

The Google Play app is one of the easiest to use on a Chromebook and it allows users to not only stream music but also to store it. Google Play is also the default music player on Samsung phones so those who use both Samsung phones AND Chromebooks will find it especially handy to use this music streaming service.


Undoubtedly the most popular streaming service for music, Spotify can be used on Chromebook with a Chrome extension. This popular app allows users to create custom playlists and its easy interface makes it possible to quickly find favorite artists and albums.


Another popular choice for Chromebook users, SoundCloud combines the best of music streaming with social media—where users can upload, promote, and share their own audio.