Web apps are the future. Web applications accessed over a network such as the Internet or an intranet that bring added capability to your Chromebook or laptop. Thanks to the awesome capabilities of HTML5 it is now possible for web apps to have the same features that you’re only used to getting from heavy desktop applications.

Most web apps are free for you to use and thus add tremendous capability to your machine at no extra cost. There are literally thousands and thousands of very high quality web apps, each build to perform a specific task, much like traditional software.

There are graphics editing apps like Aviary or Pixlr.com with tools and capabilities rivaling those of Photoshop. Or you can, thanks to the Microsoft Office Live initiative view and edit Office documents right from your Chromebook, no need for Office software.

The Chrome Web Store is build to create easy excess to all those different apps that are out there. Just like what you’re already used to from the Appstore, only then for web apps. The apps work both in the Chrome web browser and on the chrome operating system.