Another week full of interesting Chromebook news, rumors, hands on stories and reviews is behind us. Here you get the chance to read up on the ones that stood out. Like the possibility of a new Chromebook Pixel 2 (yea! if that were true), the proclamation that the Dell Chromebook 11 is the best, the great news for companies using call center software and other articles you might have missed this week.

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Hands on: Dell Chromebook 11 (2015) review (India)

interactive light on dell chromebook 11A review completely void of any opinion. Facts and factual statements only in this one. Techradar goes over the specs and the little things that make this classroom model Chromebook an interesting choice for those of you involved with the educational system. Especially the interactive light for ‘calling’ a teacher stands out.

The New Dell Chromebook 11 Fixes What Wasn’t Broken

dell chromebook 11 review by gizmodoSame Chromebook Dell 11, but with opinion this time, and a positive one at that. Gizmodo goes as far as saying they “think it is the best—a perfect compromise of product and price.” Although they did also say that from a spec perspective “nothing here is blowing our mind. So in the end they oddly enough recommend waiting if you want a new Chromebook.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review: Say Goodbye To Your Laptop

forbes toshiba chromebook 2 review chromebookhqAn in depth look at the Toshiba Chromebook 2 in this long and detailed article. Writer Jay McGregor goes into most every little detail about this machine. He copncludes that “the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is comfortably the best Chromebook I’ve used yet.” Read to full article to find out why, he has good reasoning to come to that statement.

New Chromebook Pixel Incoming?


Speculations are running high with Google I/O just a few weeks away. What will the company show case, or maybe even give away this time? Will it be a Pixel 2? Or maybe a Chrome OS and Android in one device? Rumored is a device codename Samus. The writer of this article jokingly made a Zero Suit Samus reference, who can roll up into a ball. That got me thinking, rolling two into one. Chrome OS and Android becoming one. Could be it…

Dell’s new ruggedized notebooks are ”schoolyard tough”


dell schoolyard tough chromebook chromebookhqTechreport writes about Dell coming out with a line of “schoolyard tough” devices with rubberized trim to protect against physical shock and sealed components to resist spilled liquids. Sounds like something I could use as well to be honest.


In praise of WebRTC


webrtc on a chromebookMan was I excited when I first heard about WebRTC, a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC). The opportunities WebRTC brings to social interactions between C2C/P2P but also B2C seem endless. Avaya (a leader in call center solutions) started working with Google to build innovative solutions. Something I again was very excited about since that is what I do, I run large call centers. Either way, this article is about WebRTC and since it is so good for Chromebook users I listed it here.



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