Another week full of interesting Chromebook news, rumors, hands on stories and reviews is behind us. Here you get the chance to read up on the ones that stood out. Like some highly anticipated Chromebook models, Chrome and Google Apps improvements, and other articles you might have missed this week.

Google Doubles Down on the Bug Bounty Strategy

venturebeatThe biggest, splashiest news lately has been how Google has raised its bug bounty to $10k to anyone who “can compromise a Chromebook or Chromebox with device persistence in guest mode.”  Details on Google’s program can be found here. This VentureBeat article has a good amount of detail about the bounty and its conditions.



Close-up of the New Pixel

Kevin’s article on

mediumThe most exciting news this week for Chromebook fans is the announcement of a new Google Chromebook Pixel with improved performance and battery life. In this article, Kevin C. Tofel gives us a close-up of the changes from the previous model. This update seems to be right in line with what Pixel fans have hoped for.


Hangouts Accommodates Larger Groups

Google Apps Update Blog

Google Apps UpdatesA little heralded but very interesting update has happened for Hangouts: the video call participant limit has been raised from 10 to 15. For small and medium size groups who rely on free Hangouts, this could make a difference.

And the news we’ve all been waiting for…

ctl j5OK maybe it’s just me that’s been excited for this news since we first got wind of it from CES 2016…the CTL J5 rugged Chromebook is available for pre-order. This new model is exciting because it’s durable, like the Dell 11″. But this one also flips around to simulate a tablet. With 4GB of RAM standard and a 10-hour battery life, this one is going to give Dell a run for their money.



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