Weekly Roundup – Chromebook articles you should read

By April 28, 2012 News

The weekly Roundup of articles written by our mutual Chromebook enthusiast friends on their respective blogs or over at the giants of industry. Definitely not all of what’s been written out there, but at least that bit which I think is noteworthy.

Google Drive comes to Chrome OS

Yes, I did write about Google Drive coming to Chrome OS here earlier as well. It’s such a huge step forward for Chromies however that I decided to head of the Weekly Roundup with it anyway. Because although it’s to the average consumer primarily geared towards cloud storage for regular Windows/ Apple/ Linux systems, it’s not. It is an integral part of Google’s road-map in moving everything to the cloud. Something that CNET’s senior writer and complete stranger to me Stephen Shankland touched on in his piece.

Google Chrome OS: A New Aura

Is it an attempt by Google to woo the weary and rake in bunch more users that until now resisted the Browser look? Maybe. Fact is: it’s coming. Google is redesigning it’s Chrome OS to look more like a regular ol’ laptop. Yes, you’ll even be getting to choose your wallpaper. Back to the world of flowing hills of grass. It’s not definitively implemented yet, so if you’d like a taste of Aura yourself you should set your Chromebooks to the “Developers’” download channel (in Settings). At The Verge they’ve gone hands-on with it,they’ve got a great 1:36min video showing Aura here.

Frontdesk Anywhere brings Hotel Software to Google Chrome Web Store

Great news for small and medium sized hotels, motels, B&Bs and inns! Frontdesk Anywhere is a web-based, all-in-one Hotel Management System that helps simplify daily operations while selling more online via an online booking engine. 2 way integration with GDS, Expedia and Hotels.com comes with it, and that’s good news for getting your rooms booked. It packs quite a few great features to help boost your business. It’s a bit of a commercial, I know. But I just thought it a nice idea to promote an App that brings functionality to the Chromebook which is normally reserved for the big guns only. At a very affordable price.

Google Extends Cloud Print Service

Google’s Cloud Print service, which lets you print out documents remotely over the Web, has been linked with FedEx Office establishments in the U.S. Now, Cloud Print users will get the option of printing out documents at FedEx Office Print & Go self-service devices at about 1,800 locations across the country.