Weekly Roundup – Chromebook articles you should read

By April 21, 2012 News

The weekly Roundup of articles written by our mutual Chromebook enthusiasts friends on their respective blogs or over at the giants of industry. Definitely not all of what’s been written out there, but at least what I think is noteworthy.

It’s a little bit of a catch-up this time around since the whole thing with fighting off the lords of spam did put a bit of a dent into the otherwise flawless record of two straight weeks of weekly roundups. Fortunately not much happened.

Feel free to add any articles you miss in the comments. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate the time you take out of your busy day doing so.

Next-gen Chromebooks built on faster Ivy Bridge chips?

Signs that the new Chromebooks will be a faster machines are definitely looking more positive. Over at CNET Stephen Shankland writes about Google making an important tell tale contribution to the Linux operating system. That contribution makes it possible for Linux to run on Cougar Point and Panther Point, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, respectively. Both are Intel processors which will do much better then the current Atom-based processors.

More functionality for the Chromebook with offline support for MS Office

Chrome OS beta channel received an updated recently which enables Chromebooks to open MS Office files without an internet connection. We will soon see this in a stable release, making this feature available to all Chromebook users.

Sony entering Chromebook arena very soon

Next to the already well known Acer and Samsung Chromebook models we can expect there to be a third choice coming soon. Sony insiders have released specs and a few photographs of the new model. For short: 11.6 inch, 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB storage and 8 hour battery life. PCMAG also wrote about it talking about how the FCC leaked information about it. So far it sounds a lot like the current Series 5 model by Samsung. But we all liked that, so Sony might have a popular model on it’s hands.