Another week full of interesting Chromebook news, rumors, hands on stories and reviews is behind us. Acer’s hardware announcement this week could signal a stronger showing in Chromebook for the workplace. I also found a couple new articles that will help you get the most out of ChromeOS. I saved the best rumor for last, although it is not confirmed by Google.

Acer Chromebook 14 for Work Heads to the Office in May

Acer 14 chromebook for workAdoption of Chromebooks in the workplace has been slow. Acer apparently thinks this is because the hardware hasn’t been appealing and are answering the need with this new 14″ Chromebook. There’s a bonus in this news for corporate IT departments. The trend toward mil-spec hardware in Chromebooks is adding value for the workplace because it should reduce downtime due to hardware accidents as well as repair costs. Read the specs at PCMag.

How to use a Chromebook in a more secure and privacy-respecting way

Screenshot from authors ChromeOS desktopIn this piece, Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw) discusses some tweaks he’s made to his ChromeOS install. He based the configuration on EFF guidelines and also talks about tools that he uses. I will certainly be trying out the privacy settings myself. See the changes as well as what chat and email services the author uses for better privacy:




The Best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive

Google Drive ExtensionThere are a few productivity gems in this article. There are now extensions that bring much of the functionality of Excel to Google Sheets. Those extensions, by AbleBits are paid, but the rest in this article are free, like the one that lets you play your music directly from Google Drive. This type of article is helpful because I may not realize there is a pain point until I see a solution. Read on at


Google Play Store and “over a million apps” could be headed to ChromeOS

Screenshot of fleeting Google Play store dialog in Chrome 51 DevThe hope is that the floodgates to access all Android apps will open following Google I/O developer’s conference in May. Availability of Android apps, beyond those ported with ARC Welder, would explode usability. See the screenshots at ars technica.




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